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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Vacation Rentals

It is of many kinds – a cottage, condominium, apartment, single-family-style home called as villas – but all of them well furnished. The tourist avails the property on rental basis for an agreed number of days or weeks. The owners usually charge on nightly basis like the way the hotel rooms are charged – though there are some who opt for weekly rentals.

Legally speaking, their property is not for sale to the tourist or any other hirer and the owner of the vacation rental only lets the property on rent for a limited period of time.

The fact is they are preferred by many over hotel accommodation for a variety of reasons like cost savings, bigger space compared to hotel rooms, greater privacy, no need to pay tips, taxes or service charges. The family members and kids, instead of being confined in a small congested space in hotels, may feel be more comfortable with lot of space to roam in a vacation rental. Most of them are conveniently located – on the beachfront, city centers and close to shopping arcades and restaurants.

Furthermore, villa and many vacation rentals have kitchens for cooking so that you can avoid costly food in restaurants. There are spacious living rooms for family members to spend quality time together. In fact, many of them offer lot of floor space including multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens and separate dining area. Besides they also provide amenities like fireplaces, private hot tubs, television etc.

The perceived demerit of them are lack of on-site service staff, standards of cleanliness etc. But they are now becoming more and more occupant-friendly. There are agencies that manage vacation properties for the owners and they offer services similar to hotels – front desk check-in, 24-hour maintenance, house housekeeping, concierge service etc.

Of course, the traveler has to check on vacation rental terms before finalizing. Some of them may separately charge cleaning fee, parking fee, security deposit etc. Some may not allow pets, disallow smoking, impose harsh cancellation fees etc. In the final analysis, however, the advantages of vacation rentals far outweigh the couple of negatives and they are increasingly fancied by tourists.

But, if you are traveling singly and you plan to stay only for a couple of days, you may as well opt for hotel rooms instead of a vacation rental. Again, you are a happy-go-lucky person the does not want to cook on your vacation, and leaving place in disorder, a vacation rental may not be an ideal choice for you.

Legian Hotels

If staying in a hotel isn’t your thing then you can choose to stay in a villa. There aren’t really any budget villas in Legian as they are actually aimed towards providing a personalized holiday experience. Even the least expensive villas will supply you with the facilities and amenities that guarantee a fantastic holiday experience. Not all of the villas will have in house activities like diving or surfing safaris, but will have the essential information and will organize these activities for you should you want to take part in them.

Obviously the more cash you are willing to spend on accommodation when staying in Legian, the more personalized the services you can expect. The villas that are rated five stars will be offering you everything that you want. The majority of these villas will have their own leisure activities that you can enjoy, some supply a Bali holiday package deal when you book and incorporate everything into the rate, others you’ll just pay to do whichever sport you have an interest in on that specific day. The fully inclusive deals usually work out a bit less expensive, but occasionally your activity will be on a certain day that you don’t feel like doing it or would rather do something else, all a matter of personal preference to choose which is best for you.

For budget travelers there’s a place called Poppies lane which will provide adequate accommodation at a particularly reasonable rate. The rooms aren’t fancy, but the service and cleanliness is good. For all the other travelers, there are many hotels in Legian to choose from. The majority of the top hotels will be offering excellent views of the surrounding area as well as superior service. The tourism industry in Bali is geared towards ensuring that you have an awesome experience while visiting, encouraging you to return year after year.

One of the advantages of staying in Legian rather than Kuta is that the tourists’ buses, trucks and other big vehicles aren’t allowed to enter there. If you arrive by tour bus you will be dropped off in Kuta and catch a little shuttle bus to your hotel. With Kuta being such a favored destination, you will find that Legian is much quieter and peaceful.

Private Villa For A Wedding Party

Check available furnishing. When you plan for a party, you should always think ahead. Try to anticipate the needs of your guests. For instance, how many chairs do you think you need? Are there enough chairs within the villa? When you serve food, you will need tables to set the food on. Will the caterer provide these tables? Or are such tables available in the villa? Some villas have garden furnishing that you can make full use of.

Such details may appear small but if you neglect them, your guests may have to face some slight inconveniences.

Available services. Sometimes, despite the best planning, unseen circumstances may still spoil the party for you. For instance, you may think that you have enough food for everyone but then someone brought along some unexpected guests. What can you do then? After all, the villa is likely to be situated near a beach and there is no way you can run out to a nearby convenience store or supermarket to buy more food. Fortunately, there is room service that you can count on. With a quick phone call, you can easily order extra (high quality) food to be added to the menu for party.

Facilities within the villa. Be sure to find out what facilities are available in the villa. Is there a pool? Are there open spaces? These are venues that your guests can visit. Also, you can make precautions like setting up barriers to prevent children from visiting the pool. Such precautions can prevent unwanted accidents.

Enjoy an Italian Holiday

  • Stay in a villa. Can you imagine a more romantic image than an Italian villa? It is quintessentially Italian. There are literally thousands to choose from and you’re bound to find a villa in every part of Italy to suit your needs. It can also be an economical way to plan your holiday when you have a base around which you can plan numerous daily excursions. In Sardinia for example you can enjoy over 300 days of sunshine a year and bask in the sunshine along the glorious coastline on white sandy beaches fringed with the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.
  • Take a Venetian sojourn. One of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice is a city of many facets, with almost weekly carnivals, a cavalcade of historical buildings to visit not to mention a romantic ride in a gondola along the Canal Grande, can you imagine a better way to inject more romance into your life?
  • Take a Cook’s tour of Tuscany. Sharpen up your culinary skills with a week stay at a famous cooking school in Tuscany. Not only will you learn to cook some fabulous dishes to provide you with constant memories of your holiday, but you also get to stay in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy and enjoy the wonderful landscapes and beautiful gardens.
  • Step back in time in Sicily. Sicily has some of the most spectacular coastline in the Mediterranean not to mention economical options when it comes to accommodation. The village lifestyle is still vibrant and provides a constant reminder of days gone by when the essence of Italian culture was being created.
  • Take a famous Roman holiday. Audrey Hepburn made the most of her Roman holiday in her film of the same name and you can do the same. Historical monuments, romantic promenades and famous restaurants are just a few of the things that lure tourists from around the world.