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Beachfront Villas

Rent or buy a beachfront villa If you have the money, the best way to totally enjoy the Caribbean is to rent or buy a Caribbean villa. The prices of Caribbean villas range from the cheap to the outrageously expensive. The prices depend in the location but almost all villas are beautiful.

In general, beachfront villas in the Bahamas area are expensive while beachfront property in the Dominican Republic is more affordable. Both locations are beautiful but the Bahamas is frequented by significantly more tourists than the Dominican Republic.

IF you are planning to stay for just a few days or a few weeks, it is highly advisable that you rent a beachfront villa instead of staying in a hotel. There are many advantages to doing it this way. It is more private and beautiful than a crowded hotel. Another advantage of a rented beachfront villa is the fact that you can cook your own meal there. In a hotel your choices are to all meals, in a restaurant. You can even hire someone to cook for you in a beachfront villa.

Rent a Caribbean Island But if you want to have a really perfect Caribbean vacation then rent a whole Caribbean Island for yourself or for you and your friends or family. That’s right! You can rent a whole Island in the Caribbean. You can truly live like a king on the island because it comes with staff and everything you need to spend a luxurious vacation. Renting a whole Caribbean island is also a very nice idea for a wedding or any party.

Charter a Yacht If the island is too much activity for your tastes, you could just charter a luxury yacht. There are many Caribbean yacht providers that will surely be able to meet your needs and budget.

Get in touch with a Caribbean holiday specialist Of course you can simply go online and start searching and learn everything there is to do in the Caribbean and the places to go when you get there. But it is definitely a lot easier to simply employ a Caribbean holiday specialist to help you plan the perfect Caribbean vacation. Getting the services of a Caribbean holiday specialist will save you a lot of time and energy. You could also save money with this method because they know different discounts and preferred rates. They have insight and knowledge and many years experience booking Caribbean vacations so you don’t have to do serious work and effort to plan the vacation yourself.