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Florida Vacation

When you have groups of people that are vacationing together – whether family or friends – it makes much more sense to pool your resources and stay in one house. Rather than having to rent multiple rooms that might be on different floors in the same hotel you will have multiple bedrooms, but they will all be together, giving you much more space and the ability to communicate freely without interruptions or imposing on other people around you.

Costs for food alone make renting one of the many thousands of Orlando villas available a much more sensible solution – particularly with children, as often when eating out they don’t even finish the food that is ordered or don’t like it. In a villa you will have your own fully equipped kitchen so you can prepare meals whenever you want and the way your family likes it. You can snack in the middle of the night if you wish without a problem or have your meals on your time schedule – not only when the hotel kitchen is open. With a back yard you can also barbecue instead making a big meal and eat outside if you want to.

Parking is available in the garage (if the garage hasn’t been converted into a luxury games room) or in the driveway of the vacation rental rather than paying a daily rate at a hotel plus the valet parking tips required every time you go in or out of the hotel! All of your amenities are provided in a villa rather than having to pay separately for them in a hotel. With large groups of people these fees can add up very quickly, particularly with children.